Student cutting an apple as part of Pioneer Day

Second graders at W.D. Williams Elementary took a trip back in time to the early days of America during the 1800’s. 

The special event was known as Pioneer Day, and was centered around life in the early West. Students learned about famous legends such as Johnny Applesee, John Henry, along with the Comanche Nation and the struggles people faced on their journey. Students and staff donned their best 1800’s dress attire and participated in a variety of hands-on activities. 

“It is rewarding as an educator to see students apply their knowledge of the early American West,” said second grade teacher Mercedes Gonzalez. “I always enjoy opportunities where I can dress up with the students and make what we are learning in the classroom fun and unique.”

Throughout the day students tried new foods such as bison jerky. They even churned their own butter where they could taste the difference between it and store bought butter. Teachers showed students a few games that kids played during the pioneer time period. Much of the day students were moving around from class to class and had the opportunity to explore outdoor activities as well.

“Last year was our first time exploring pioneer day,” said Ms. Gonzalez. “This year we changed a few activities to make the experience more enjoyable. We hope all the students walked away with a new understanding about early life here in America.”

Students made homemade butter, and tasted it.

Students having fun in a potato sack race.