Bullying and Cyberbullying for Students

What is bullying?

1. Are you being bullied?

Anyone can experience bullying at school, in the community, or even at home if you are on social media, email, or text. However, it is never okay to bully or be bullied.  Bullying results in a person feeling afraid or harmed.  Bullying can look different depending on the situation and may be hard to recognize.  This link provides a great checklist to recognize if you are being bullied.

Am I bullied Checklist

  1. Do you bully?

Sometimes it is difficult to notice that one’s own behavior causes harm, embarrassment or shame to someone else.  In some situations, it is difficult to take a close look at your own behavior and how it affects others but it is very important to know what impact you have on others feelings. It is important to know that you can change your behavior and be more kind and understanding of others.  This link provides a checklist and other factors to help you recognize if you bully.

Do I Bully Checklist

  1. Can someone be bullied and also bully others?

It is possible for those who are or have been bullied to be a bully to others.  For instance, you may have been bullied on the bus and then be unkind to someone on the playground later that day.  Anyone is capable of both behaviors in any situation.  It is important for you to learn to recognize your own behavior and what happens after your actions.  Was someone physically harmed?  Did they leave in tears?  Did the child withdraw or appear fearful to be around you?

Here are some resources that can help you understand this. Also, it is important that talk with a teacher, school counselor, school social worker and/or your family to get support in changing your behavior. 

4. What can I do if I am bullying or being a bully?  

How to be an advocate for yourself and others

Resources for Kids if you are bullying:  If you are bullying

Resources for Teens:  What can I do

How to be an advocate for others who are being bullied?  

Resource:  Advocacy for others, National Center for Bullying Prevention Center, Teens Against Bullying

Resource:  Advocacy for Self, National Center for Bullying Prevention Center, Teens Against Bullying