Jason Boyer at Enka Intermediate

Fifth graders at Enka Intermediate learned from a local professional about weather and the importance it plays on our day-to-day lives. WLOS News 13 Meteorologist Jason Boyer spoke to students and gave demonstrations about the weather in Western North Carolina. 

“Having the students see Mr. Boyer in person creates a connection between the real world and the content our students are learning in the classroom,” said fifth grade math and science teacher Veronica Hunsucker. “The weather unit is one of the largest units we teach in 5th grade, and to have him come out and talk about real world applications for the information they are learning is very beneficial for our students. It also exposes them to a STEM career that they could explore in the future.”

At Enka Intermediate teachers are always looking for new ways to connect students with real life content. Especially when they can interact with a professional in that area of work. 

“Both the teachers and students enjoyed his presentation,” said Ms. Hunsucker. “He had weather maps that he displayed and even brought a leaf blower and anemometer to demonstrate how to measure wind.”

Some students have even shown a  interest in math, science and weather. They’ve mentioned possibly following a career based on one of those subjects. Ms. Hunsucker says it’s opportunities such as these that have a lasting impact on kids and help them connect the classroom to a possible career.

“Some students have said that they like science and math, and that the weather is interesting and want to know more about how it forms and works,” she said. “Another student also said that they would like to help people be prepared for the weather. All the connections we make with members of our community create lasting memories for our students.”

Jason Boyer doing a demonstration for students.