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School Nutrition

Nutrition matters. We understand the importance of developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits and the role nutrition plays in an effective education. That's why our 45 schools provide an opportunity for optimal learning and good health by providing high quality food, excellent service and proper nutrition at a reasonable cost.

"Empowering Futures Through Nourishment: Our Mission to Feed Children in Schools." We believe that feeding children in schools goes beyond providing sustenance; it's an investment in the future. By nourishing their bodies and minds, we aim to unlock their full potential, creating a generation of empowered, healthy, and thriving individuals. Together, we can turn our mission into a reality and build a brighter future for every child we serve.

At Buncombe County Schools, we are dedicated to ensuring a brighter and healthier future for every child. Our purpose is clear: to provide nutritious meals to children in schools, fostering their physical and cognitive development while nurturing a foundation for lifelong success. We believe that no child should be hindered by hunger or malnutrition, and through our tireless efforts, we aim to transform school environments into hubs of nourishment and learning.

– Lisa C. Payne, School Nutrition Director

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.